Home & Commercial Inspections

Why have a home inspection?

For most people, your home is your biggest investment. The value of a home inspection is to make sure that you are aware of the property attributes, both positive and negative, to enable you to make an informed buying decision.

Education and Information


My name is Mike Moore. I’ve been a certified home inspector through American Home Inspector Training (AHIT) since 2010 and have completed over 1,000 inspections. I also possess additional certificates in related areas such as well and septic and I am always involved in continuous training and education. I love home improvement & remodeling projects especially remodeling old homes. I grew up in an old home and understand that they have many distinctions. I have extensive experience with home improvement projects of all kinds.

One of the things that separates my business from the competition is my affiliation with Birchwood Construction Company in Harbor Springs. This affiliation along with my 30 years of experience in the building industry gives me instant access to the latest information regarding new and old building methods, industry best practices, materials and building code requirements.

I live in Petoskey with my wife Janelle and our cats, Hank and Tilly. Our two grown children live and work in Northern Michigan.

What to Expect

You are encouraged to join me for all or part of the inspection. If you are unable to attend, a representative is more than welcome to participate in your place. This approach will make the inspection a better experience for everyone by enabling the sharing of information in person during the process. If you aren’t able to join me on the inspection, I will call you from the site to provide a quick rundown of my findings and to give you the opportunity to ask questions so I can quickly address any concerns you may have.

My report is specifically designed to give you every bit of pertinent information with pictures. Rather than a boiler plate checklist, my report focuses on the specific items that need addressing for repair, improvement, or monitoring.

I treat every customer like they are a family member. With you, I ask myself what would I tell my family or friend about the mechanics and systems of this house. During my inspection for you, I am looking at the details with a trained eye and shining a light on all the dark places.



Inspection locations are the Tip of the Mitt, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Mackinaw, Charlevoix, Boyne City, East Jordan, Gaylord and beyond.


I spend a great deal of time looking for water where it is not supposed to be. Besides fire, water is worst thing that can happen to a structure. Along with uninvited water and/or moisture comes rot, decay and potential mold.  If mold or conditions for mold are found I will make referrals for scientific testing to identify specific mold type as well as remediation available. Environmental hazards including asbestos and pest issues are also included in the standard inspection package.

Also available are additional tests for radon gas, wells, septic systems, and water quality to meet loan requirements.


Both inside and outside the home I am not concentrating on anything cosmetic, unless it is caused by damage or abuse. I am looking at the complete structure including:

  • The roof both from the outside and from the attic
  • Levels of ventilation, insulation, etc.
  • Methods of construction, deficiencies, deck support, window condition and status.
  • Plumbing and electrical systems, operations and condition.
  • Mechanical systems, operations and expected serviceable life.
  • Appliance operations and expected serviceable life.


Light commercial inspections are also available. I am offering the same services as listed for home and condominium inspections.


You will receive a thorough written report including a description of my findings and supporting photos. I recognize that most people do not have a construction background, so the report is written in plain language that is easy for anyone to understand. I will give you information about everything that you need to know regarding the systems and status of the house. It won’t be just a list of what is “satisfactory” but it will describe the systems, status and conditions of the home. l will also give you a list of necessary repairs, suggested improvements, and items which may need monitoring.

This report is vital to your purchase decision on the home. It is more important than speed and will take a day or two to put together before I can hand it to you. I fully understand how important timing is in real estate transactions, especially how important it is for you as a buyer to quickly respond to a sellers. I have never missed an inspection period deadline and I don’t intend to start now!

How Much Does it Cost?

Basic Pricing

  • Condo – $400.00 ( Up to 2,000 square feet )

  • Home -$525.00 ( Up to 2,000 square feet )

  • For every additional 1000 finished square feet add $125.00

  • No charge for unfinished square feet and the attached garage is already included.

  • Guest houses/Apartments up 1000 square feet is $125.00

  • Well, breakout septic & water testing for bacteria $150.00

  • Other pricing is available upon request.

  • Light Commercial pricing is available upon request based on available square footage for inspection.


There can be exceptions which may alter the basic pricing.

Questions and Sample Report

If you have any concerns on the inspection process, pricing or if you would like a copy of a sample inspection report please call 231.881.4941. Also feel free to fill out the contact page if you prefer.


Mike helped us with two properties and we couldn’t recommend him more. There was tight timing with some unusual circumstances and Mike rolled with all of it. His report was thorough and straightforward which made us completely confident both in him and the house we were buying. We were also out of state and so much appreciated Mike’s quick replies and clear communication.    – Anna W.